Monday, February 4, 2013

CBSE : SAMPLE QUESTION PAPER Summative Assessment-II CLASS X (2012-13)

CBSE : SAMPLE QUESTION PAPER  Summative Assessment-II CLASS X (2012-13)

or Sample Paper Summative Assessment- II, March 2013 Class IX

Modified syllabus -2013 , Design of Assessment and sample questions including questions based on values in the subjects Hindi (Course A and B), English (Communicative), English(Language and Literature), Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences and Sanskrit to be used for Summative Assessment- II, March 2013 Class IX.
Hindi Course A    |    Hindi Course B    |    English (Communicative)    |    English(Language and Literature)    |   Mathematics    |    Science    |    Social Sciences    |    Sanskrit
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    Sample Papers  Session 2012-2013
Sample Questions and Design of Question Paper for Board Exam  (Summative Assessment-II)
Class X
Class XII
·         Hindi Part: A
·         Hindi Part: B
·         English Communicative
·         Mathematics
·         Science
·         Social Science
·         Sanskrit
      Hindi Aichik                 Hindi Part: B          Hindi Core English Elective               English Core        English Functional        Mathematics             Biology                       Physics
       Chemistry                  Accountancy               History
      Geography               Business Studies          Entrepreneurship